It's time for families to go on the offensive.

As politicians like Gavin Newsom work to erode democracy and attack the family - Save My Nation is working to protect American values and advance the role of families in society.

Protect Kids

The Public Education System is working overtime to expose children to fallacious and sexualized content. We are committed to election School Board members who will protect and advocate for children more than a political agenda.

Protect Parents

California has spent the last decade watering down parental rights. Politicians like Newsom think they know what is best for your child - with or without your approval or consent. We need a legislature who protects parents.

Protect Faith Communities

Gavin Newsom's political apparatus has spent the three years attacking sincere religious communities and assaulting Houses of Worship. Save My Nation is working to elect leaders locally and state-wide to protect the vital role of religion.

Protect Democracy

Politicians have labeled pastors, parents, and conservative voters as a threat to democracy. This couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is Newsom and his cronies are eroding democracy away.

Protect American Values

American was built on the principles of faith, justice, education, liberty, and morality. These are virtues that California leadership no longer values - and has waged a crusade against them. It's time to fight back and protect these American values.