Raising up a new generation of leaders

We are working to recruit, train, and support new leadership at the local and state level across California.

We've made some great progress so far



of our endorsed candidates won their election in the 2022 Midterm election.


candidates have been supported through out efforts.


We've supported candidates in every single county in California.

About The Movement

It’s no surprise the state of affairs we find ourselves in here in California. Gavin Newsom says freedom is under attack, and he is right. But, it’s not coming from parents or conservative leaders. It is coming from inside his own administration.

Career politicians are eroding democratic principles across the state in school boards, city halls, county chambers, and in our state legislature. They have waged a crusade against religious communities and parental rights by passing laws that give the state unchecked power. That’s why we are launching Save My Nation. We are taking the fight across California to save democratic principles and family values; to push back against leaders who stay in power by punishing parents, vilifying doctors, and silencing educators who dare speak up for truth.

We will work tirelessly to elect leaders in 2024 who believe in the family. Who don’t politicize tragedy or proselytize children. But, leaders who stand with parents. Stand with kids. Stand with religious leaders. Stand up for America. We are in a profound moment of history. We will be remembered not as people who allowed hate to silence us, but as people who took a stand to save California and the nation.

Tanner DiBella, President & Founder
Save My Nation

Democracy is on the line - we need you.

Radical politicians in California and across the nation are on a crusade against families, religious communities, and American values. We need everyone in this fight.
*Donations go to The American Council State PAC